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In fact if you want to make voice over IP calls, there are a number of "050" apps, including 050+ from OCN, and and LaLa call from Mineo.  There are other semi-VOIP apps like Skype and Google Hangouts, Line, etc., but here we want to cover SMARTalk from Fusion IP.

This service has several unique selling points:
1. Like LaLa Call and 050+, this service comes with a 050 number which other people can call from any phone to reach you.
2. The monthly base fee for this number is free!  This means that you can place and receive calls to other 050 numbers, and receive incoming calls from any number, for free.
3. This free number is not bundled to any other service (i.e. you can keep the same number forever even if you cancel your cell phone, internet, etc.)
4. Although there is a dedicated SMARTalk app, you can actually see and use the SIP Credentials in order to use the native Android SIP calling feature, or any other SIP software you like.  

Being able to keep the same number for a long time for free is nice because 050 numbers are basically not subject to number portability.