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Sony Xperia Z4 DoCoMo

We won't do a full review here, but just provide some tidbits.  Things you need to know if you are considering upgrading from a previous Xperia phone such as the Z2.
  • The Z4 is thinner and more fragile than the previous (and newer) phones.
  • The Z4 has no magnetic dock support like the Z2 and Z Ultra had.  Instead it has an exposed USB port at the bottom (the phone is still water proof).
  • The Z4 seems to run out of battery very quickly compared to the Z2 and Z5.
  • The camera in the Z4 is not bad, but the small size of the optics means it will still not compete with SLR cameras.
  • The Z4 uses Nano-SIM instead of MicroSIM, which means you will need to change your SIM card if you are upgrading from a Z2 or similar.
  • The DoCoMo version supports NotTV, FullSeg, and 1Seg for TV, and also saifu keitai for using mobile Suica, EDT, etc.  
  • There is only one flap, for the SIM and MicroSD card.  
  • The built-in speaker seems worse than the Z2
Final Verdict:

We tested a review unit for a month, and have the following to say:
  • Decent screen
  • Camera:
    • Photo quality is good
    • Camera start up time is a problem.  Sometimes it took more than 10-15 seconds to start up and be ready to take a photo - buy which time, the thing we wanted to photograph was gone.
  • Poor battery Life
  • We had a lot of issues with the phone acting slow at random times (we suspect this is due to overheating?)
  • Stuttering with BlueTooth was common.
  • Gets very hot in one spot on the back
  • Too thin and fragile for our tastes, though this may be a plus for some.
  • Simple styling (though available in a number of unusual colors)
  • Lack of support for magnetic dock is disappointing
The Z4 is kind-of the black sheep of the line.  Given the difference in price, we would suggest you go for the Z2 or Z3, or save up for a Z5.