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Sony Xperia Z2 DoCoMo SO-03F

As with the Z1, we won't be writing a full review, just a few tidbits.

  • Compared with the Z1, the Z2 still has metal edges, but the metal feels stronger, and the styling is nicer.
  • The thickness is about the same as the Z2.
  • The same magnetic dock is used as for the Z1.
  • The vibration is stronger than the Z1 in out experience.
  • The flaps are stronger than the Z1.
  • Note that the headphone jack doesn't need a flap to stay waterproof.
  • 1Seg, FullSeg, and NotTV are supported.
  • The supported SIM size is MicroSIM.
  • Battery life is decent.  (Stamina mode is supported, though in the DoCoMo models it works opposite from how it works in the international models - you need to blacklist applications instead of whitelist them).
  • As with other phones, Even when the SIM lock is deleted by Docomo, the WiFi tethering feature doesn't work.  This can be fixed by use of USB Debug mode and changing some settings from a PC.