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Sony CycleEnergy Li-Ion USB Portable Power Supply

This review is for Sony's CycleEnergy brand mobile chargers, model numbers CP-ELS & CP-ELSB (White and black colors).  

White Model:
CP-ELS-Mobile Power

While many of the cheap chargers in stores only store 1000 or 1500 mah of power, the Sony battery packs featured in this review store 2000 mah.  While not ideal for larger gadgets like tablets, this is about enough to charge most smart-phones once.  The unit has a USB output (for charging your gadgets) and a Micro-USB input (for re-charging the unit itself), and an internal LED that blinks to show status.  

The usage of this device is very basic, and it ships with only a cable and the unit itself, assuming that you already have an AC adapter or computer you can use for re-charging it (which is a reasonable assumption since whatever you will be charging with it probably came with a charger).

Besides the color variation, some models come with an additional micro-USB to Apple docking port adapter.  Even if you buy the regular model, you can still use it with your iPhone, etc., if you bring your Apple supplied cable.

The weight is very light compared to the size of the case, giving the impression that it must be mostly hollow.  The style is reasonable, and should be easy enough to slide into a coat pocket or purse.

  • If you need more power buy prefer to stay with Sony, you can try the CP-A2LS.
  • Also have a look at Panasonic's line of Qi compatible battery packs, wich as the 5400.