Kindle PaperWhite

There are plenty of reviews of various Kindle models (including the Paper White) on the web, so we won't launch into excruciating detail here, just go into the things you need to know about the Japan model as compared to what other sites may tell you in English.

1. Obviously the Japan model can and does display Japanese, which means it contains Japanese fonts, etc.
2. Much like Overseas, there are 3G and Wi-Fi only models available.
3 The 3G connection for the Japanese model is provided by NTT Docomo, and it only usable for downloading books from Amazon. 
4. The menus, etc. of the system can be switched to English and other languages.  This is independent of the language of the actual books.
5. The device works with Amazon US or Amazon Japan accounts, but there is no way to pick the account type!  The Kindle assumes that accounts made in English mode are US accounts, and accounts made in Japanese language are Amazon Japan accounts.  Thus, if you want to use an Amazon US account with a Japanese Kindle in Japanese mode, you should set it to English mode, register the Amazon US account, and then change the language preference back to Japanese.
6. You can not register both an Amazon Japan account and a foreign Amazon account at the same time.  You can de-register a previously registered account from one country, and re-register a new account from a different country.
7. DRM Free books can be downloaded from OReilly, etc., can be copied via the computer and used, if they are in MOBI format.
8. DRM Free PDF files can be used as-is on the Kindle, but the screen size is small enough that they can be difficult to read.  Amazon offers a service to convert them to Kindle format.  This service can only handle files up to a certain size, and the results vary.
9. We don't know if there are any physical differences between the US and Japanese Kindle, however there appear to be some software differences, judging from the screen shots and user guide available from Amazon US.

  • The US Version of the Kindle PaperWhite uses EVDO/CDMA, while the Japanese model uses Docomo as a carrier (And Docomo doesn't do EVDO), so the Japan version's hardware must be different.  This means you shouldn't buy the 3G version with the intention of using that feature overseas.
  • Also, some international sites mention an ad supported version of the Kindle PaperWhite: There is no "Ad Supported" version of the Kindle PaperWhite in Japan.